About me

Really interested in technology, especially in lasers and electronics !

Hardly working on next dual phase networked multi user hyper sensitivity and high bandwidth electron beam discharge pumped solar activated galvo... As usual, when I'm not thinking to another new project, I'm dreaming to a new device...
Age:36 ans
  Maried, 2 lovely daughters and a lovely wife
Hobbies:I give you three guesses !

From transistor to lasers...

Technology is a part of my life. When I was a kid I was interested in understanding everything. My father is a teacher and I've been taught reading and writing at home. As a pause we use to do some experiments in the cellar with lenses, lights, light bulbs and batteries, water and steam, ...

Then I discovered electronics. I was 7 years old when I soldered my first circuit : a dual tone bell. Then I learned more and more and quickly became fond of digital electronics. When I got my first computer (Hector HRX the french competitor of Commodore 64), I started to learn assembly language and especially Z80 microprocessor.

I quickly found that microcontrollers could be a good opportunity for me and started with the 8051 family.

Eng. School, first contact with a laser ...

I was 19 when I found an old laser in a garbage collector : a 155 Spectra Physics 0,5mW HeNe.

I was in the 2nd year of my engineering course in mechanics and robotics.

Then I started to create my own laser light show system. With a friend of mine, I've built an hybrid galvo (moving magnet but with a torsion bar) and played with a 4W Argon laser borrowed from my engineering school.

I was so interested in lasers that once graduated from Ecole des Mines de Douai, I decided (after one year of military duty...) to learn lasers at Lille University in laser engineering

Very exciting first job

My first job was to use lasers for holography and musical instruments fine tuning. I have done a lot of electronics and really had fun to work for this start-up making musical instruments in carbon fiber.
The holographic study of musical instruments.
The holographic setup.
Home made vacuum/ 7bars autoclave. I bought for 100€ an old vacuum/steam autoclave for clothes cleaning removed from an hospital. I made (a lot of) transformations in order to be able to mold the musical instruments parts (here the table top of a cello).
The autoclave PLC was build around a SAB80C537 microcontroller. The display was really cheap : an old "Minitel" teletype from junk yard.
Another useful tool : I've built my own CNC 3 axis machine. The spindle motor comes from a wood router (in french "défonceuse à bois", j'aime ce mot !).
And once more, a SAB80C537 micro-controller to drive the 3 axis (up to 5 axis). This time, I was obliged to program in C language and cross compile it with a Keil cross compilator. I prefer assembly language, but for elliptic or helicoïdal 3 axis interpolation, a high level programming language is mandatory !

New job, new life

Then I got married and had two lovely daughters. My new job as a researcher for the french steel maker Sollac (Usinor, Arcelor, Arcelor-Mittal) was more connected to material science and chemistry.

Something that I could even have never seen happened : a 10 years pause in electronics and lasers !

I must say that having children is really a dream which became true. I like to play with her and they love making DIY with me (to be honest, I don't know whether they like DIY or just being with their father !).

Come back

Now from one year I'm coming back to what makes me breathing : building things in my laboratory !
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Some useful equipments :
  • digital scope 1G sample/s 100Mhz 2 inputs (I've built my own interface to get back the screen shots from the scope to my notebook)
  • the best multimeter ever created in the world : able to measure micro-amps with less than 1ppm drift over 24 hours
  • LCR meter, very good tool for galvo coil measurements !

My Own PCB workshop

Vacuum 2 sides exposure box

A vacuum 2 sides UV homemade exposure box. I've made a timer based on PIC16F84 microcontroller.

UV photoplotter

I have made my own UV photo-plotter to plot directly onto a UV sensitive film without any dark room. I've turned a light pen which is an optical fiber polished end move by the plotter. It is connected to a UV led (about 1mW@365nm). It's possible to draw a 0.1mm width track at 1cm/s. It may take 2 hours for a complicated PCB but the optical density of the film is so high !

25 m² workshop for mechanics

A very useful turning lathe !
And a powerful press drill !
And 25 square meter workshop for mechanics with welder and compressed air.

Still to do

  • a two axis CNC milling machine
  • an aluminum anodizing line (very easy to do)
  • a through hole plating line for PCBs
  • ...

According to my Wife : "And other more useful DIY..."

The new kitchen

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