Old projects

Some old projects, mainly from my student period.

Old galvos, drivers and electronics

15 years ago I have made my own galvos helped by a school-friend.

Personal message : Hey Fred, please If you read this page send me an email, I'm looking for you for several years now but I cannot find you anymore.
The optical bench made from scratch (left part, optical stuff)
Optical bench : right side, control electronics. Please note that front panels have been made by hand, with only a small drill, a file and some hours...
The numerical control. A SAB80C537 micro-controller was in charge of real time computing of logos. The logos can be downloaded somewhere in the 64kO static RAM (2*32kO). The main advantage of this microcontroller is that there was a built in 16bit*16bits hardware multiplier. In 1990, this was really unusual !
The 'solder side' of the prototype. Once more, a big amount of work, but when you are student, you have plenty of time for this kind of work...
The only part left from the galvo development.

The 2 galvos got lost somewhere between Lyon and Dunkerque. Once upon a time, I have been asked by a university to lend them my galvos for a specific setup. The delivery time of commercial galvos was too long and with my galvos they could quickly start their experiment.

I never got back my galvos. University suggest to buy new replacement galvos,but I was not interested in this deal. I prefer to be "paid" with a brand new turning lathe and they accepted.

In this casing, one can see the coil location and the hole where the full shaft and bearing housing are placed. The rear hole is for torsion bar length tuning.
The driver (only current amplifier), where some cannibalization took place for some another developments...
The amplifier upside-down
The TDA2030 power op amps take place between the cooler and the PCB, soldered on the solder side.

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