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July the 2nd, 2007


I have decided to make some room space and a lot of stuff are FOR SALE !
Laser & electronics car-boot sales

May 28th, 2007


Sorry, I can't answer to the numerous emails you send me about this project. Some of you want explanations about how to build this and that, or are expecting for the schematics of the drive board, ...

Please find some key answers :
  • As already mentioned this project is under development and not finished !
  • NO doubt that the methodology employed (back to basics, modeling, prototyping, optimizing through DOE's) will finally allow to reach the target : 30kpps, 20°mech galvo.
  • working 50 hours per week at 300km from home and family let me no more than 2 hours per week to work on different topics. And as I don't need any extra pressure (job is already pressurizing my brain), I didn't put any schedule and it may last for still some months or years...
  • Along with this development and sticking to my habit, I'm writing "the galvo book", a good tool for people  wanting to understand galvo theory and practice, or modify an existing galvo, or a basement for the development of their own galvo.
  • I'm not selling anything here cause first it's not working yet and second I know what patent infringement may cost !
  • If you want something ready for use, Norm (see links) will be delighted to sell you his good & cheap kit to start with.

May 5th, 2007

Inventor of Laser died !

Really bad news ! Theodore Maiman, who invented the laser 47 years ago (16 May 1960) died of a very rare genetic blood disorder on Saturday, May 5, just two months before his 80th birthday.

Small biography from Laser Focus World:
"Maiman was born in 1927 and learned electronics from his father, Abe, an electrical engineer for the American Telephone & Telegraph Corporation (AT&T). He began his academic studies at the University of Colorado and earned a B.S. degree in engineering physics in 1949. Two years later he attended Stanford University and obtained a master's degree in electrical engineering followed by a doctorate in physics in 1955. At Stanford, Maiman studied under the theoretician Willis Lamb, who received the Nobel Prize in physics in 1955, months after Maiman received his doctorate.
In 1960 Maiman invented the first functioning laser while working at Hughes Aircraft Company. Hughes's managers had previously assigned Maiman to build a more practical version of the maser using microwave emission from chromium atoms in synthetic ruby crystals. Maiman created a new maser design that eliminated the external magnets in favor of a magnet inside the Dewar, thereby reducing the weight from 5,000 to 25 pounds. In 1962 Maiman established his own enterprise, Korad Corporation, which undertook the development and manufacture of lasers. In 1968, after selling the company to Union Carbide Corporation, Maiman founded Maiman Associates. From 1976 to 1983, Maiman served as vice president of advanced technology at TRW (now Northrop Grumman), where this photo was taken in 1985 to mark the 25th anniversary of his invention of the first working laser. He was most recently a director of Control Laser Corporation and a member of the advisory board of Industrial Research Magazine.
Maiman is the author of the basic patent on the ruby laser and a number of patents on masers, lasers, laser displays, optical scanning, and modulation. He was twice nominated for the Nobel Prize and was given membership in both National Academies of Science and Engineers. He was also a recipient of 1983/1984 Physics Prize, the same year he was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame. Three years later he became laureate of the prestigious Japan Prize, the Asian equivalent of the Nobel Prize. He was a Fellow of the American Physical Society, the Optical Society of America, and the Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers."

April 2nd,  2007

FALCON V5 hardware completed. Thanks to innovating sensor configuration, I finally achieved 0.018g.cm² inertia and 34µs electrical constant, which is very close to CT6210H reference.

Some issue raised with that prototype,  for next design : thermal management (coil to case resistance) and totally new rotor design. And much smaller case (currently 12.7mm diam * 53mm length).

Starting now to design the electronic driver. Back to Lapace transform, Bode, Nyquist, Black and Evans diagrams...

February 25th, 2007

3...2...1... HoloBlog ignition sequence start

HoloLAB has now it's own Blog.

January 27th, 2007

I'm sorry for being late, I wish you a Happy New Year full of success in personal and professional projects.

I mostly spend time on making my own anodizing line for aluminium This helps to have a much more resistant surface and the black finish is helpful for optics (no reflections). Photos to come... Stay tuned.

August, 19th 2006

Some new pics of my workshop and my former jobs.

Add some pics of my old galvo project. See :
Old Projects

This Website was born on Friday the 4th of August, 2006

I decided to create this website a few months ago but never had time to do it. Vacation time was really a good opportunity to start !

HoloLab is the name under one I'm writing on the different forums. Holo means 'all' in Greek. HoloLab is for Laboratory where all can be done (mechanics, electronics, optics, ...).

Why in English ?  Because :

Electronics and lasers are international. There is a lot of activity in these fields in Germany but I really always have hard time to translate interesting things. Thus, I decided that my Web site would be available for everyone. And most of my friends are able to read English.

You'll find here all my projects. I'm currently working on a Laser projector for Light show and that's today's site content. I'm going to put older projects from time to time.

Enjoy your visit !
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Latest news

HoloCLUB :
I prefer say t in french as it's a local initiative !
  • Création d'un club de mécatronique -optique et lasers au nord de Paris
  • 3 personnes sont intéressées, il faudrait encore deux personnes pour démarrer un noyau dur !

Current projects :
  • Done : Homebrew Anodizing line
  • Frozen : Falcon V5 galvos
  • Frozen : Falcon USB card

But "useful" DIY too :
  • Kitchen's vent hood
  • Kitchen's tiling on walls and "working plane"

Any comment, any info ?

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