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Lauyan TOWeb

This Website has been made with Lauyan TOWeb personal edition. You can buy it for only 34,9€

Chan's homemade galvos

The best site for homemade galvos. M. Chan has made a set of galvos from scratch (magnets from old hard disk drive). He has designed its own driver and stand alone playback micro-controlled card.
ELM Chan's home built laser projector

Norm's home brew light show

This is the most interesting website I ever seen about home made light shows systems.

All is so interesting, but I can advice to use the forum. This forum is visited by a lot of people and has became THE laser forum, that's why I decided not to run my own (a very tricky way not to say to you that in fact i'm really unable to do my own...no it's really because Norm's one is the best one)
Norm's Home Made Laser Show

Laserfreak French forum

If you want to design your own laser box, go there !

Tekman, Genesis, Doctor Itchy are laser shamans.

ABC electronique.com

good site for electronic, but it's a rag-bag of topics and it takes time to read interesting things since they are among plenty of uninteresting things...


another site but with a well organized forum. Heads of this forum are some high skilled people, not only administrators.
You'll meet JP, coco34, etc...


ARO is the company I'm working for.

The main business of ARO is to provide electric resistance welding equipment.

We have started a new activity two years ago : laser welding equipments. I'm in charge of the laser products development. And because lasting projects are through strong partnerships, we have signed a contract with Permanova Lasersystems AB, a Swedish company leading in laser welding tools and welding cells.

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